Saturday, September 29, 2007

New treatment...

Well, Wales are out of the world cup which is bad news. Despite running around the lounge shouting, with my 9 month old daughter on my shoulders, we lost. Enough said.
And it feels as though winter is here.
Today I discovered that if my girlfriend Tanny holds the head of an electric toothbrush on the tip of my nose, while switched on, it sends shockwaves to my brain. The vibrations were so intense they were causing me to involuntarily jump away with the expression of a disgruntled Alpaca! (Makes you wonder what electro shock treatment is like). Anyway, this toothbrush discovery was all in attempting to make me sneeze, in order to get rid of a crick in my back (which I was convinced would disappear if I sneezed). No sneeze, no back click, still have an odd ache running down my chest when I breathe in and out. I'm not crazy.
Yesterday, our Abel & Cole veg box arrived, exceeding expectation of loveliness and freshness. Tanny celebrated by cooking a pan of Scouse. Winter is definitely here...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Giant hairballs, work and the World Cup

This week has been positive, and relatively level, both of which are good.Today I had a meeting with a charity called 'Impact Workability' which aims to assist people with health problems back to work. They're helping me research and hopefully find some voluntary work as the first steps towards employment. I've been out of work for 5 years now, but that's another story for another blog. I'm looking at the youth work/community work area to begin with, but that could change, who knows?!
Yesterday I spoke with my friend N, who runs a project called 'Sonic db' in the Midlands - it's a unique music technology and music industry project taking place in Youth Offending Institutions. It's good to hear that some people are putting some good back into Society.
I've been continuing to read 'Orbiting the giant hairball' by Gordon MacKenzie, a book about awakening and fostering creative genius, along with numerous Spike Milligan books (who I am slowly turning into). I've been out to my studio to make some music and plan to do so again tomorrow. There's a good weekend of World Cup Rugby ahead, so that's about it for now, but I plan to update this blog regularly, so please return for all the ups and downs that are 'my bipolar life'...