Saturday, September 13, 2008

another day

A thousand thoughts run through my mind / too many will get left behind / unless I scrawl them down / so as not to lose the spark that could burn to the ground / A new world carved from the trunk of a tree / that's lived a lifetime longer than you or me / I wonder how many ages they've lived through / seen things to churn stomachs make cheeks turn blue / A new song played from harps in the sky / a symphony written without even trying / melodies flying on thermals above / hypnotic the rhythm the wings of a buzzard / paintings and stencils and stamps and sketches / too many to count I don't even do drafts / and furniture designs.....Train of thought runs dry / runs away / another day.

Today We cycled 12 miles, saw beautiful scenes and ate chips.
Sleep tonight.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We made it...

So We made it to Wales in a fairly stress-free move, thanks to the Boys at 'Bishop's Move'. It took a month of packing, 60 odd boxes, 15 rolls of parcel tape, a few long days and a month of unpacking but now we're settling in and relaxing. Our vision of moving to a quiet country village nearer our families has become a reality. Thanks mainly to some inheritance from my late Great Aunty Olive, who in one small gesture has totally changed our lives. Thankyou.

A month offline hasn't been so bad, and to be honest I've only been using my mobile to use up the minutes. I've been enjoying getting up in the morning, although I've been tired; I enjoy the air, the stillness, the quiet. The large mountain at the rear of our house is home to several pairs of Buzzards, so I've been looking for them daily. Just watching them soar on thermals is mesmerising. I'm no longer constantly fidgeting looking for a quiet place inside my mind. For now I'm content with all around me. And my sleep is better.

We've been out walking, we've been out cycling, we've generally been out exploring. But I've found time to set up my new studio space and have set to work on some new songs inspired by my surroundings. I've also a few older tracks to finish off. I'm just finishing a track I've been collaborating on with 'Gift of Vision', and the track I did with XMZ for His 'Achtung Bitte' EP is on his site as a free download (track 9) here.

I've been reading 'Cash - The Autobiography' and am very inspired. He seems top be popping up everywhere at the moment, which isn't a bad thing. I may even have a go at re-mixing a track.

There's lots more I could write, but need some sleep. More to follow soon. My all new, all singing all dancing website is up so take a look sometime -