Friday, October 24, 2008

Drums, new music and wobbles.

Waking up most days and feeling like crying for no particular reason suggests that I may be hitting a depression. It's usual for this time of year but still unnerving. I hate feeling like this, on the edge. It's not too serious yet, I'm aware of it, but feel completely exhausted constantly and fairly wobbly in general. I'm still feeling calm within myself and am enjoying our new surroundings as much as the day we moved here. I still love watching the buzzards surf the air above the mountains to the back of our house.

Musically I've been really creative, with lots of new ideas flying out of my brain. I finished some collaborations and remixes with/for people which are over on my music page for free. I've been exchanging files with people re. finishing some other songs and am planning a big collective collaborative project. Drop me a mail if you fancy getting involved.

This month has seen me rediscovering my love of drums. I've been trying to date an old Premier red sparkle kit I've had since I was a teenager. It's in pieces and in need of lots of repair. So far I've placed the snare drum as a 1966/67 Royal Ace, and some of the other drums fit this period, others don't! There's info and pics of old Premier kits here.

Our wedding plans are all together with just a week to go. We found a suit to fit Daddy Long Legs and even tracked down a yellow tie to match my hair. So all systems go for 1st November.

I finally finished 'Cash', the book, and now plan to finish the Joe Meek book I started earlier this year. I've made contact with my new CMHT, which was the most positive meeting I've had in years. Thankyou Steve. I have an appointment at the 'Mood Clinic' next week, so will have to start posting more about progress there.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.