Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok, so I've been a bit slack on the blog front but very busy. Christmas and the flu have passed now, so it's on to decorating all the bedrooms in the house. Exhaustion kicking in now after one room, and surrounded by chaos.

Musically, 'Project_x' (working title) is taking shape. It's a big project I started in late November, with the idea of writing a long piece of music incorpoating lots of styles and involving lots of musical people I know. So far I have 2 parts written, which run at 25 minutes, taking in ambient electronica, dub, heavy rock, ballroom and spoken word, with soundscapes built from odd noises and homemade samples as well as live musicians.I have contributors from Brighton UK, Ireland, Mexico and Russia so far, with more collaborators in the pipeline. It's coming together really well and starting to sound great.

When complete it will be available online for free with artwork.

Watch this space... email me if you want to get involved.


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