Thursday, December 20, 2007

Review of 2007

Year of the pig. A remarkable year for me, as my daughter Milly was born 9th January. Wow! What a gift. So the year's gone so, so fast, but I've spent much of my time watching her grow, explore and discover this crazy world. Rachel is growing , growing up and discovering Roald Dahl.


I suffered a big depression in March, the fallout of Milly's stressful birth and just the chaos of life. But thanks to mood stabilisers and possibly more of an understanding about Bipolar disorder, I've bounced back and I sit here and write this, happy. But most of all I owe it all to Tanny. She knows. She's my Beautiful Freak.

I rediscovered Spike Milligan and read as many books of his as we could find in charity shops and to be honest he makes more sense than my doctors. Stephen Fry did a tv documentary on Bipolar which was long overdue, and put his money where his mouth was by backing The Bipolar Foundation @ Equilibrium. I read 'An Unquiet Mind' by Kay Redfield Jamison which was amazing and opened my eyes to my illness. The mental health system fails so many, but there are some great books out there written by 'normal' people who want to share their story. I even shared mine with a journalist for a book about living with depression, it should be out in the New Year.


The Super Furry's album didn't blow me away. Candylion by Gruff Rhys has had more plays! The new Radiohead album on the other hand is magnificent, so was The Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible'. Hundered Reasons' new album is also great, the last great release on V2 (RIP). I finally got into QOTSA, and rediscovered System of a Down, Maiden, Led Zeppelin (way before the re-union). Joe Meek has had a lot of plays too. Only gig of the year was The Dead 60's, but it rocked BIG TIME! Can't wait for the new album, New Year.
But mostly, Eels have rocked our worlds.
Myself, I managed to finish a handful of songs this year which are available here to download for Free!


We discovered Napoleon Dynamite. Genius. A welcome return of The Mighty Boosh, too, with a third series. Crimp it Robbo, Crimp it! Borat. Say no more. We stopped watching T.V., as it was eating away at our brains and discovered the joys of Radio 4. We stopped shopping at Tesco, and pretty much all supermarkets in an effort to support local farmers and businesses. We started getting lovely veg boxes delivered by Abel & Cole and haven't looked back. I got in touch with people from the past, told them what I thought of them and lost most again as a result. Maybe it wasn't me in the first place? I've now given up on slackers officially and have very few friends. But the ones I have are priceless.

Private Eye has saved my sanity from the ever expanding Murdoch empire,(he even bought out DiS). I've designed some websites for people, but haven't managed to finish my own. David Icke entertained us for a while, I mean, was he right? S. Africa won the Rugby World Cup (Bah); better luck next time, Wales!

I've grown and lost and re-grown beards, and dyed my hair various shades of blue. The Summer saw lots of long country walks, visits to windmills, tea brewed on roadsides and even an accidental visit to the Church of Scientology headquarters. We ate Goat.
Royal Mail are Shit. As is the NHS. Add to that the Police Force. Oh, and voluntary work.... you can't give your time away for free in this Country.

Mark Oliver Everrett has saved my sanity lots this year. Next year sees a book, new albums and a tour, and We're going.... YeeeeeHaaaaa!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

St. Nicholas, fire alarms & babies!

Saint Nicholas' Day. Trip to the psychiatrist. All the fire alarms went off and we had to evacuate the building. Same happened to me a week ago in a busy shopping centre in Brighton. Coincidence? Let's not go down that road. Today we talked about 'Electroboy', sleep, voluntary work (it's more difficult to give your time away for free than you'd imagine) and babies. My friends had a big baby boy on monday - 10lb 15 oz. Welcome to the world, Rex Kelly! My friend Andy in the States is due anytime now, so awaiting the 'baby bing-bong' every time I open outlook.
It's raining. I'm tired.
There's not that much to report other than I spent last weekend vomiting, this week recovering and now I'm back. The hectic xmas countdown has begun and people seem to be in even more of a rush than normal to get nowhere fast. However, I'm trying my best not to let this phase me. I should try finish my website before xmas but don't know what my chances of that are. It may have to be a New Year launch now!