Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Filling gaps...

I must be due a rant.

Listening to that great lost British band of the late 90's that was 'Cable'. 'Ultra Violet' still rocks 11 years on! Also Deftones, SFA, and Massive Attack have made appearances toinght. Been watching Johnny Cash's 'Walk the line'. Started reading 'Gang leader for a day' by Sudhir Venkatesh. Been looking for places to live in South Wales. Been getting sunburnt. Been filling gaps in my record collection via eBay! Been fighting for my rights as a human being with mental health services, again. Been getting random emails from old friends, which is nice, and trying to track some down myself. Been making some music, with new tracks at the mixing stage and collaborations bouncing between collaborators. Been talking to myself about things I should do, but never getting around to doing them, as usual. Been spending a nice weekend with my parents, which is always nice, but now I miss them. My mood has been spinning round and around, but as i've said before, 'normal's just a cycle on a washing machine.'

Over and out.


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