Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eels, Grand Slam and Llamas...

Well, March has been a much more positive month than January and February put together. On the 2nd we saw Eels in concert, which was absolutely out of this world; a selection of songs from 6 albums played on the largest selection of instruments I've seen played live by only 2 people! Oh, and E rocks on drums!

Fast forward 2 weeks and Wales win the RBS 6 Nations and Grand Slam! What a result! In between I finally kicked the flu bug that crept around our flat for 6 weeks and made it out to the studio with unblocked ears. 4 new songs nearing completion, all instrumental, all different.
I finished my new website, which has been hanging around for months and put all my songs to date on there as free downloads - www.nickhopkin.com.

We all went to Middle Farm last weekend for Rachel's 7th Birthday, despite the rain, where I caught up with my favourite Llamas. Much humming lead to Ugandan discussions. Perhaps they got excited by Nick Cave who was displaying his latest 'dodgy tash and shades' look, or maybe like me they think that despite all the hype his new record is crap!

Happy Easter!


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