Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Care in the Community Conclusion

Thursday 31 January
The meeting between myself and my CMHT.

We met and sat down with our advocate from Mind, and just talked through the basics of what rights I have as a patient, what kind of service I should be able to expect to receive etc. It had become clear that although everyone has a right to a second opinion, challenging a Community Mental Health Team is something that doesn't usually come out with a result in favour of the patient. So Tanny and I had already decided that rather than exhaust ourselves trying to fight the system for the next 'x' years, we would politely point out the discrepancies in my care and propose that in order to move forward, we need my 'team' to put some of their promises into practice. Ultimately, they need to give me a care plan.

My Psychiatrist apologised wholeheartedly on behalf of mental health services, admitting that they had completely compromised my care, lost my trust, failed to listen to or meet my needs, communicate effectively, etc etc. Basically, they were sorry.

As a result, we are now to sit down with my psychiatrist to write a new care plan, taking into account all aspects of my care including 'relapse prevention', medication, carers, GP, access to a CPN when needed (rather than having to see someone who I don't get on with), and other bells and whistles promised.

Hopefully they will deliver.

Since the meeting, we have both been wiped out by the worst flu ever experienced, complete with sinus infections, of which we still haven't recovered. This is why it has taken so long to update the blog, sorry.

Hopefully, back to happier news...


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